How We Can Help You?

Taking one’s brand online is easy now. Whether you are a start up or growing company. May be you are the only person in your company or a team of people.

We help to take your Brand/ Company ONLINE to generate business for you.



Which makes viewers to feel for it

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Enjoyable Work to Our team, Which Gives an retina view to Your Customerrs

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The Easiest work for Our Team, for both ONLINE and OFFLINE Fields


Social media

A Place To network and Gather Your New Customer Base, We are good at building few for you as well.



In The Era of Internet, It is a easiest way to start an online business, lets get started


Movies and Promotions

We have worked with good number of movie marketing and promotions for kannada movies

Services We Are Good At

We are here to help the businesses out in the market to grow their business. If you are reading this page it means, shortly your business will start growing and seeing success over the internet. So, tell your story, we are happy to listen.

Website Development

Website is a entry card to the internet world, which will give you more exposure to the market to reach more customers. We provide Theme basis Website which suites your products or services


We provide services for E-Commerce Website Development for small or mid scale companies. along with it, we help in marketing your products and services in social media and other search engine as well.

Social Media Account

Personal Social Media Account Handling and Creating Content For Celebrities and for Businesses As Well

Professsional Blogs

Professional Blogs For Your business website or niche based topics

Concept Based Videos

Concept Based Videos like Brand AD videos, Creative Content Development For Events Promotions

Ads and Event Management

Our team serves from naming ceremony to a award hosting events. we provide all ads field from news paper, FM and TV Channels as well.

Who Are Bruhm Brains?

We started the journey in the year of 2016 as our interest and later turned into mainstream. Trained more than 400+ learners and helped many of them to become a freelancing digital marketers based on their interest, under the banner of ‘velocty24x7’ which was initially started as a knowledge sharing and later moved into a different segment. We have conducted 10+ one day workshops till now and developed many websites during these workshops, and helped many to start generating revenue from their websites as well.

You have a business or idea and want to generate huge profit from there, but you are not confident about how to take it over internet to market. You are strong enough to reach in your region or in your contacts but the growth needs bigger space, new market, new customers. Here we are not saying you all those for everyone, but if we give our words to you then trust us we damn sure on delivering it.

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Who We've Worked With